Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Does Pedro Martinez do his rotator cuff exercises regularly?

Don't know who Pedro Martinez is? the guy is a Mets Baseball pitcher. The reason for the funny rotator cuff exercises headline is that Pedro had just recovered for a for a torn rotator cuff surgery.

Rotator cuff surgery is very common among athletes that use their hand and shoulders aggressively, such as baseball players, golf players, tennis etc.

Excessive and aggressive use of the rotator cuff group of 4 muscles and their tendons, may result in damage to the place, but in some cases the damage could be avoided. Correct exercises and warm-ups will help your rotator cuff deal with your demands.

In competitive sports, sometimes the strain is just too big.

But as you can see in Pedro's case, the medical procedures of today make it possible to get back to activity in a few short months.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Simple rotator cuff exercises will help you avoid injuries.

I came across a little article describing a man who had a rotator cuff tare due to playing Golf. He was only playing twice a week but the damage was built over time and he will now need surgery to remedy the problem. I guess rotator cuff exercises are not going to help him at this point.

This puzzles me - the guy is not exactly into competitive sports (he glofs twice a week), so how can this reach a surgery level damage?

First, I'd like to show you a little more info about the rotator cuff.

It's a group of four muscles and their tendons that connect the upper arm and the shoulder blade. More than that, the rotator-cuff muscles and tendons hold the ball of the upper arm into the shoulder joint, allowing us to move the shoulder joint through a large range of motion.

I even got a picture for you:

Now, back to our little glofing problem. The way I see it, many amature sports fans are prone for problems of this sort because they are not aware of the potential damage that can be caused by doing all sorts of sports activities without the proper preparation. So What should you do to avoid these kind of damages?

Steps to protect your rotator cuff

1. Build muscle gradually. This will help make your rotator cull stronger and will lessen the risk of damage. Here's a great resource for learning how to protect your rotator cuff
2. Always warm up. Many golfers skip warm up. This is a big mistake.
3. Check your doctor regularly. He/she may see the problem before it happens. Taking preventive action is always smarter than dealing with the heavy result of neglection.

Take care